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Abdruschin left his newly revised Grail Message through a manuscript in 1941. However, the work of origin remained untouched by this. 
In this manuscript he determined the order of the lectures. However, in 1949, long after his death, the first 22 lectures were self-authoritatively taken out in order to print them as a single book - no longer commercially available - which could only be obtained after reading the remainder of the now mutilated work. Thus, the most important, spiritually initiatory references were pushed to the back as a closing. 
The fatal consequences of this decision are emphasized in "The Calls from Primordial Creation" since 2013. As a consequence, the 144,000 called ones could no longer arrive to a sufficient extent, because through this process, the bridge to the truth was missing for them, with which also for the whole of mankind this Work had to remain unrecognized.
In 2019 now, the complete work with the title "Grail Message of 1941" was published for the first time in the order of lectures as the author had originally intended. However, since through the far more than 70 years of positioning the 22 preluding lectures to the back, the fine-material equilibrium was so strongly disturbed in the meantime, that it was demanded by the Light to re-establish this equilibrium symbolically.
For this reason, these lectures have now also been placed in front of the complete work as individual books. With this, the balance could be brought back into equilibrium. You can now obtain the book with the title "Introductory Lectures to the Work In the Light of Truth" as a single book (E-book). 
With each responsible forwarding, the path originally planned by the Light is resumed, since only in this way can the called human spirit safely be ignited before it can then encounter the upbuilding explanations of the Laws of Creation in the complete work, in order to then walk ahead, illuminated by this knowledge, leading humanity in the service to the Light. With the single printing of the first 22 lectures, the over 70 years lasting, fatal error, which disturbed the equilibrium of the Grail Message for decades, shall now be fine-materially balanced again. 
Signed: Simon 
Ebook, Sprache Englisch.

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